Jakub Voracek drops the gloves with Nick Paul after a huge hit on Travis Konecny.

Things getting rough early in the NHL.

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Things got rough early in the National Hockey League on Saturday thanks to an action packed match up between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators.

Both teams clearly came to play today and it really started to heat up quite a bit by the time the game's opening first period had come to a close. It was the Ottawa Senators who really lit the match that sparked the proverbial fire on Saturday when a devastating hit from Ottawa Senators veteran defenseman Mark Borowiecki absolutely laid out Philadelphia Flyers forward Travis Konecny.

The hit appeared to leave both men the worse for wear however and both would immediately leave the game following the impact. It is too early to tell exactly what happened but it does seem as though the heads of both men collided with one another on the play, leaving Konecny rocked and leaving Borowiecki with a sizable gash on his forehead for his efforts. That hit however only seemed to anger the Flyers however and it was only a few short seconds later that we would see Flyers star Jakub Voracek drop the gloves with Ottawa Senators forward Nick Paul. It seemed like both men were itching for a fight here and both got it, however there was not much of an exchange here on the part of Voracek. 

Either Voracek very badly overestimated how much he wanted to trade blows with Paul or simply underestimated his opponent here, but it was just a few short blows on the part of Paul with no return fire from Voracek before the Flyers forward took him down to the ice.