Jason Robertson scores possibly the most ridiculous shootout goal of all time.

What a goal!


I wonder if we will ever something like this during a live game?

On Monday morning the Dallas Stars, like many other teams around the National Hockey League, took to the ice for what was a pretty standard morning skate. There was nothing particularly unique or interesting about this practice from the Stars, that is until we got to a point in which their players began to practice some of their moves for the shoot out.

Now normally you might have expected one of Dallas' top stars to steal the show, players like Tyler Seguin or Jamie Benn for example, but it was actually 21 year old forward Jason Robertson who stole the show with a move I personally have never before witnessed in a shoot out. Instead of using some slick deke or some type of wicked shot, Robertson instead used his brain, hand eye coordination, and a little geometry to make this one a reality.

Robertson played it off like he had completely missed the net, but what he was doing instead was actually banking the shot off the back of the glass in an attempt to get it to land on the back of the goaltender. Not only did Robertson attempt the crazy trick shot, but he actually managed to make it work. The shot first banked off the glass and then again off the back of the goaltender before finding its way across the goal line and into the net, much to the delight of Robertson and his teammates.

Now I don't think this one would count during an official shoot out, although it is such a unique type of play that I must admit I am not 100% sure on that although I suspect that is how the NHL would rule on the matter, but it could certainly be used in other situations. The problem there of course is if you were to attempt this on a breakaway and missed, you would probably be laughed out of the building and I suspect that your coaches would not be too pleased about it either. That being said Robertson was clearly confident in what he was doing here, and he nailed it no less, so perhaps we see it again one day in the future during a live game.

Oh and the best part? Him holding his arms out wide after the goal as if to ask "what?"