Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Scott Laughton drop the gloves in Game 7.

A rare fight in a Game 7 situation.

Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Scott Laughton drop the gloves in Game 7.

The Philadelphia Flyers have not had many reasons to celebrate on Saturday night and although Flyers forward Scott Laughton did his best to try and get his team back into the game in the third period, he didn't fare any better than his team had up until that point in the game. 

The Flyers were staring at a giant 0 - 3 deficit in the game's third period when Laughton decided to give Islanders forward Jean Gabriel Pageau a piece of his mind. Laughton laid the body along the boards and it was after that initial hit that both he and Pageau began pushing and shoving one another, something that eventually led to both men throwing blows. The two squared up and decided to drop the gloves, but I would be lying if I said Laughton produced any real offense in this one.

The fight was largely dominated by Pageau in the first few seconds with the Islanders forward really being the only one throwing punches, and after those initial few seconds Laughton took Pageau down to the ice and put an end to what was a relatively short exchange between the two. I think Pageau gets the easy win in this one, although full credit to Laughton for trying to breathe some life into his team late in the game.