Joel Quenneville spotted knocking back shots outside the Bears game.

Quenneville having a blast.

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The Chicago Blackhawks surprised many when they made the decision to fire their head coach Joel Quenneville, arguably the most well respected coach in the entire National Hockey League, very early on in the regular season. It was a move that would obviously have a tremendous impact on the Blackhawks organization but one that could also impact many other teams around the league with the sudden availability of one of the best coaches in the sports of hockey. 

As a result many wondered about what would be the next move for the former Blackhawks head coach and although we still know nothing of where he may end up as a coach, we do have some idea of what he has been up to since being fired. Now I do not want to diminish how difficult it must have been for Quenneville to be removed from a position that he had achieved so much success in and had occupied for the better part of a decade, but based on some recent footage that has been shared on social media it seems like Qeunneville is taking things pretty well.

A recent video published by Red Line Radio caught Quenneville in a scenario that I must admit I would not have expected to see him in, especially not so quickly after being removed from his position as coach of the Blackhawks. In the video Quenneville is show to be at what appears to be a tailgate party outside of Soldier Field in Chicago where the Chicago Bears are set to take on division rivals the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football. As is usually the case at tailgate parties the alcohol is flowing rather freely and Quenneville seemed to be making the most of it by taking some shots with his fellow Bears' fans in attendance on the evening. 

Quenneville's appearance at a sporting event in Chicago, one in which he is clearly rooting for the home town team, will only further serve to endear him to a fan base that largely seemed to be unhappy to see him go, even in the case of some fans who felt it was the right decision. Those same fans however I'm sure will be very happy to see him having a great time.