Keith Yandle loses 9 teeth in the blink of an eye.

A rough outing for Keith Yandle.

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It is hard not to feel bad for Keith Yandle when you watch this video, but at the same time it is also difficult not to admire the man for just how darn tough he is. 

On Saturday night Yandle and his Florida Panthers were facing off against the Carolina Hurricanes and things went real bad, real fast, for Yandle very early on. The Panthers had not even made it out of the first period when a Hurricanes clearing attempt bounced awkwardly off the glass and wound up going right into Yandle's unprotected face. It was obvious that the errant puck had stunned Yandle but it was not until we got a close up of his face that we got to see just how bad the damage was. When the camera zoomed in on Yandle we could see that he was clearly leaking from his mouth and was grabbing inside of his mouth as if to check to see if he had lost any chiclets. 

Well as it turns out he did, and unfortunately for Yandle he lost a good number of them too. We would not know how bad the damage was initially, but following a trip to the locker room the Florida Panthers revealed that Yandle had lost a whopping 9 teeth on the play. That of course is some serious dental work but what is really crazy is that the absolute madman would come back into the game a little later on. Yandle missed the end of the first period as well as all of the second period but miraculously came back to help out his team finish out the third period in spite of the fact that they were down in the game. 

According to a report from former National Hockey League player Ryan Whitney Yandle underwhent dental surgery this morning to repair the damage done to his mouth, and in spite of that still plans to play in the early game tonight against the Buffalo Sabres. That is to say that not only did Yandle return to the game, not only did he have dental surgery this morning, but he is now planning to play in a back to back after suffering a pretty gruesome injury. 

Keith Yandle is officially one tough S.O.B.