KHL All Star steals the show with amazing performance on the mic.

What a performance.

KHL All Star steals the show with amazing performance on the mic.

The Kontinental Hockey League has just raised the bar when it comes to All Star games in the sports of hockey and it's all thanks to one player.

The KHL held it's annual All Star game recently, just a few days ahead of the National Hockey League's own version of the event, and it was a pretty spectacular event overall. The KHL did a terrific job with their presentation as well as with the standard fare that you would expect to see at such an event and the fans that attended the event appeared to be absolutely loving the whole thing.

It was not until an outstanding performance from Mathew Maione however that fans in the audience were truly wowed by what this year's KHL All Star game had to offer and based on the comments that have flooded social media since his performance I think I can safely say that he stole the entire show this year. The 28 year old undrafted defenseman for the Riga Dynamo didn't stun the crowd with a dazzling display of puck control or a particularly hard shot or even with the speed of his stride, but instead stunned them with his musical abilities. 

In a showcase of personality that you unfortunately simply do not get to see from players in the National Hockey League Mathew Maione took to a little stage that was set up just for him, strapped a guitar over his shoulder while in full hockey equipment, skates and all, and began to sing for the crowd. The song that he chose was a rendition of The Lumineeers "Ho Hey" and although you could clearly see that there were some nerves at play here from Maione I thought overall that he did a really spectacular job. 

You could see from the reactions in the crowd while he sang that the people in attendance truly loved watching him perform in the way that he did and I have no doubt that fans of the National Hockey League would love to see something similar from one of their own players. Now that is not to say that I think that the All Star game should be turned into a glorified talent show, but a one off like this is pretty amazing to behold.