Kid drills rival’s head into boards in no contact hockey game!

To add insult to injury: his suspension was overturned!

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With many studies coming out on the danger of concussions and how many NHL players have suffered from post-concussion symptoms throughout their career and retirement, many leagues have decided that kids should play no contact hockey in the first year of their development. 

Until one breaks the rule… 

An angry mother took to social media to speak out for her young son who suffered a concussion on a dangerous play. 

During a no contact game, her son’s head was drilled first into the boards by an opponent, who decided that the rules did not apply to him. 

To add insult to injury, the assailant’s father complained to the league and his son’s two-game suspension was therefore overturned. 

The mother of the young victim points out that her son has missed  school, hockey and is now dealing with the symptoms that come with a concussion. 

Just awful!