Kris Letang delivers a hard slash to the face of his opponent.

An ugly cheap shot from Letang.

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This one reminds me a lot of the Dennis Wideman hit we saw on an official earlier in the season, where people will argue both sides of this play, and no one will ever truly know what the intent was. One thing is certain, the slashing play that occurred on Tuesday night during Game 3 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers will be reviewed by the National Hockey league.

It may very well have been an accident from veteran defenseman Kris Letang, but what it looked like was a vicious slash to the face of Rangers forward Viktor Stalberg, one that resembled something more like a baseball swing than anything you would see in hockey. 

In Letang's defense, he was tangled up with another Ranger on the play, and he did appear to be off balance at the time that he swung his stick into Stalberg's face, but even if it was a complete accident, a player of his stature knows he has to be responsible for his stick.

You can watch and judge for yourselves.