Kunitz ejected for a vicious elbow to Hamonic's head.

An ugly play from Kunitz.

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I think it's safe to say that this has not been a good year for National Hockey League veteran Chris Kunitz but on Sunday night he may have hit a new low when he took liberties with the health of an opposing player. 

Kunitz and the Chicago Blackhawks were hosting the Calgary Flames at the United Center and roughly through the first half of the game things were all tied up at one a piece. It was at that point that Kunitz decided to put his team at a significant disadvantage when he delivered a vicious looking elbow to the face and head of Calgary Flames defenseman Travis Hamonic. The elbow from Kunitz appeared to be completely unprovoked and considering just how popular Hamonic is as a player, known as one of the truly good guys of the NHL, it certainly isn't going to win Kunitz any fans. 

Unsurprisingly this sparked a reaction from the Flames who all rushed to the defense of the downed Hamonic but nothing would come of it in that regard. The NHL officials were on top of it however and they quickly moved to eject Kunitz from the game for his reckless attack on Hamonic and it likely was an easy decision given that Kunitz got his elbow laughably high up into the air and given that Hamonic was leaking quite a bit from a gash in his nose at the time. That will be little comfort to Hamonic though who was obviously furious at the cheap shot from Kunitz. The normally stoic defenseman could be seen raising his stick high over his head before smashing it against the floor on his way back to the visitors locker room for repairs.

When I say Kunitz won't be winning any fans with his antics it's likely that will be true for fans o the Blackhawks as well. Cheap shot aside this also put the Blackhawks in a big hole and resulted in back to back power play goals from the Flames. Not only did he anger fans on the Flames side of the ice for the blow to Hamonic, but he's not producing nowhere near enough this season to justify costing the Blackhawks 2 big goals.