Kuznetsov is surprised at how “sober” the Nats look, and then this happens.

Kuznetsov may have had a bad read on the situation.

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The Washington Capitals had some very special guests for their Sunday night home game against the Calgary Flames and it turned into a pretty wild affair in spite of how tame it appeared to be initially. 

The Capitals were playing host to the World Series Champions, the Washington Nationals, who were doing something of a tour with their championship trophy and decided to make a stop at Capital One Arena. The expectation was that the Nationals would be having a pretty wild part on the evening but early on it seemed like it would be anything but. In fact one member of the Washington Capitals, a team that has recently won a championship of its own, was asked about their partying ways and he seemed to suggest that the Nationals were being very good boys.

"They look pretty sober. When we was in their situation, I don’t remember anything," said Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov as per RMNB's Ian Oaland

That is fair enough and if the Nationals want to have a good time without getting too messed up then I commend them for doing so, although I must admit that I do not believe I would be doing the same in their shoes. We also have the benefit of knowing now that Kuznetsov is a rather notorious partier himself so it is fair to ask what exactly it would take to raise the bar up to his own level of partying. In fact given a recent doping test from the International Ice Hockey Federation I think it is safe to say that you would likely have to cross the lines of legality to reach the levels that Kuznetsov is capable of, but that doesn't mean that the Nationals did not try. 

The Nationals may have been tame when they arrived at Capital One Arena but if the scene we saw between periods is any indication of how their night has been going it now seems like they are in fact cutting loose and also appear to be having a terrific time. In spite of being out on the ice in a zamboni the Nationals' players all decided to go shirtless and showcase just exactly how much fun they have been getting into this evening.