Leaf fans start chant to mock the Sens.... but the Sens fans join in!

Something Leafs and Senators fans can finally agree on.

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I have to be perfectly honest, I never thought I would see this day. A day in which fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators put their differences aside and united together in their hatred.

As all of our readers should know the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs have had one of the best rivalries in the National Hockey League for several years now, even when you consider that the teams have been relatively unsuccessful at times during that stretch. On Saturday night they renewed that rivalry in the latest edition of the Battle of Ontario and is usually the case you expected plenty of fans from both fan bases in the building as the two teams faced off. 

What you would not expect however is to hear the two fan bases, chanting together in unison, united against a common foe. According to eye witness reports from the game it was a group of Toronto Maple Leaf fans who were in attendance that started the uniting chant, and it was a rather simple one. Clearly in an attempt to mock the current struggles of the Ottawa Senators franchise the Leaf fans began to chant "Sell your team," a chant clearly directed at much maligned Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. The thing is though that the fans in Ottawa are not exactly the biggest fans of Eugene Melnyk either. 

According to some additional eye witness reports from the game, as well as a short video clip provided by one of those eye witnesses, what happened next was truly a sight to see. The Ottawa Senators fans, equally disgusted with the way Eugene Melnyk has been handling their beloved team, joined the group of Maple Leaf fans and began to echo the chant throughout the Canadian Tire Fire, errr I mean the Canadian Tire Center. This resulted in both Toronto Maple Leafs' fans and Ottawa Senators' fan, metaphorically standing together as both of these groups let their voices be known and both of them let it be known that Eugene Melnyk has got to go. 

For all the criticisms Eugene Melnyk has earned, he deserves credit for bringing these two fan bases together.