Linesman Richard Jondo slams Kurtis Gabriel to the ice after he refuses to stop fighting.

This linesman was not having it.

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This may be a case of an official stepping over the line but it is pretty damn entertaining regardless of whether or not you feel the official in question acted appropriately.

The incident in question took place on Saturday night during an American Hockey League match up between the LeHigh Valley Phantoms and the Hershey Bears. Things got a little out of hand between the two sides and that led to a series of fights out on the ice and that of course made the jobs of the officials out on the ice an absolute nightmare to deal with. Specifically it was Kale Kessy of the Hershey Bears and Kurtis Gabriel of the LeHigh Valley Phantoms that really wanted a piece of one another, resulting in two different tilts between the two men during the course of the game. 

Even the second contest between the two men was not enough for Gabriel however and he attempted to fight Kessy for a third time after the officials had already separated them after their second exchange. Of course the officials on the ice were not about to allow that to happen though and they kept the two men apart, or at least did their best to do so, but Gabriel would seemingly not take no for an answer. It was at that moment that linesman Richard Londo seemingly had seen enough of the rowdy Gabriel and decided to take him out of the fight completely by taking him down to the ice. 

In the video clip provided by the Hershey Bears themselves you can clearly see that Gabriel is still trying to fight his way out of the officials grip but Londo has no intention of letting him get free. Instead Londo pushes back against Gabriel and it seems like once he realizes he is about to go down to the ice along with the player he simply decides to finish the takedown and bring him to the ice. Gabriel is visibly upset after he hits the ice and continues to try and pry the official on him, perhaps a questionable decision on his part, but by that point the damage is done. He may have wanted to look like a tough guy, but this is one he is likely going to be hearing about for a long time.