Logan Brown gets the game on his stick just hours after his grandfather dies.

Big moment for a young man.

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What a moment this turned out to be. 

On Friday Ottawa Senators prospect Logan Brown and his family where dealt a huge loss when his grandfather passed away, an extremely difficult moment in the life of any young man, especially when you are only just 20 years of age. It was no doubt a very emotional day for Brown and although everyone would have understood if he had needed some time to collect himself the young man decided that he would join his teammates on the ice in the American Hockey League. Brown and his Binghamton Senators were facing off against the Grand Rapids Griffins on Friday night and it proved to be a difficult and back and forth game for the Senators with both teams all tied up at 3 goals a piece after 60 minutes of play in regulation.

For Brown there must have been additional pressure given the fact that he undoubtedly wanted to win the game for his recently deceased grandfather and as fate would have it he actually ended up with the game on his stick. With the game all tied up at 3 to 3 Brown found himself in the shoot out with a chance to put the Griffins away, and you can bet that his grandfather was looking down on him at that very moment. 

To his credit, with all the pressure on his shoulders and with all the emotional turmoil that must have been going on inside of him at that very moment, Brown managed to keep his composure and not only scored on his shoot out attempt but did so in fairly spectacular fashion. Brown initially set up his stride that made it look like he was going to cut back in front of the crease and make a big move, but instead he finished it off with a strong backhand in from a tight angle, beating the Griffins goalie up high and winning the game for his Senators and for his grandfather. 

It was a beautiful moment and one that no doubt Logan celebrated with his family after the game, and hopefully even the Griffins players and their fans are able to enjoy this one, even if it might be bittersweet.