MacKinnon enforces “no smiling” rule during Clarence Campbell Bowl celebration

Nate Mack ain't done yet!


The Colorado Avalanche are headed back to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2001, but judging by the team's reaction to winning the Clarence Campbell Bowl last night they have no intention of attending the Final as also rans. This team is out to win the Cup and anything else is unacceptable.

While the Avs went against tradition and actually touched the Clarence Campbell Bowl (gasp!) they didn't exactly celebrate their win. In fact, superstar forward Nathan MacKinnon made sure to remind everyone that there's no smiling allowed in the team photo.

Check it out:

No smiling, boys. We gotta look tough. 

Seems silly to me, but I'm not about to mess with whatever's working for the Avs this postseason. With just two losses and two series sweeps under their belts this team is absolutely ROLLLING. If the no joy thing is working for you, keep at it. You can smile when you're lifting Lord Stanley's mug over your head!