Marc Andre Fleury shares a special moment before the game with several former teammates.

Everybody loves Fleury.

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On Saturday night the Las Vegas Golden Knights faced off against the red hot Pittsburgh Penguins but all the talk surrounding the game once again centered around the fact that veteran goaltender Marc Andre Fleury would be facing off against his former team, and by extension his former teammates.

No doubt the players on both sides of the ice are ultra-competitive and both teams were desperate to pick up another victory on Saturday evening, but in spite of that it was all smiles before and after the game thanks in large part to the man affectionately known as "Flower." It is no secret that Fleury is one of the most universally beloved players in the entire National Hockey League, and for good reason, and that was on full display on Saturday when several of his former teammates could not stop themselves from giving Fleury a little love before the puck dropped. 

Fleury shared some special moments with several of his former teammates before the game, including Penguins backup goaltender Tristan Jarry who got the start on the evening, and I have to admit it was one of the most wholesome moments of the NHL season so far. Although the interactions between the men could certainly be described as some friendly teasing, it was clear from the smiles on the faces of all those involved that this was just a genuinely feel good moment for all of them.

Perhaps the highlight of the whole situation came at the end of the pre-game warmups. Veteran defenseman Kris Letang likes to be the last man off the ice and, likely being well aware of this little fact, Fleury decided he would remain on the ice hanging out next to the open door on the Golden Knights bench. This would prompt Letang to grab up one of the loose pucks on the ice and toss it in Fleury's direction, something the veteran goaltender was clearly ready for. Fleury scooped up the puck and put it on his own stick, firing it right back down the ice at Letang who could be seen chuckling away at the whole thing. 

Fleury would get the victory, recording a shutout over his former team, which was likely the cherry on top for the beloved netminder.