Marchand scores the OT winner and drops one of the best goal celebrations of the year!

Marchand comes up huge in OT.

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This was one hell of a moment for the fans in attendance at TD Garden this evening. 

It was a big night for the Boston Bruins as they hosted their unofficial St. Patrick's Day game on Saturday, and a big night on the ice as well as they faced off against another team currently in the playoff picture, the Columbus Blue Jackets. Obviously with a big Irish community in Boston and with the Bruins on a bit of a losing streak in spite of strong play over their last several games there was a lot of pressure to win tonight, and there were some big names in the building as well.

Dropping the puck for tonight's games was none other than Ultimate Fightning Championship mega star Conor McGregor and the proud Irishman's presence only served to further pump up an already excited Boston Bruins home crowd. McGregor was really more there to snap some photos and look good in front of the fans and cameras more than anything, but he came back at the very end of the game in a very unexpected way courtesy of Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand.

The Bruins and the Blue Jackets played what looked very much like a playoff game at times and it took a terrific individual effort from Blue Jackets forward Matt Duchene just to get the Blue Jackets a single point on the evening. The Bruins and Blue Jackets were unable to determine a winner after just 60 minutes of play with the game all tied up a 1 - 1 but overtime would in fact settle this one. 

It was the Bruins notorious agitator who came up with a massive game winner for the Bruins and he did so after previously having been knocked down and taken out of the play. It wasn't Marchand's goal that was the best part of the moment however, although I have no doubt the Bruins themselves would strongly disagree, but rather his post goal celebration that stole the show. 

Marchand delivered what I personally feel was one of the most epic goal celebrations of the entire season when he emulated the aforementioned Conor McGregor, stealing his patented strut and walking off in style.