Marchand takes out Pietrangelo with a cheap shot in Game 6.

Marchand up to his old tricks.

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The St. Louis Blues fan base is not going to be happy about this one, but I get the feeling that Bruins fans are going to be just as upset with Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand after this one.

On Sunday night the Bruins and Blues faced off for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final and the notorious Bruins forward was once again up to his usual tricks. Marchand seemed to come alive in Game 6 after being very quiet throughout the series for the most part, helping and hurting his team at different points in the game. 

Marchand started off by endearing himself to fans when he picked up a power play goal after the Blues put themselves in a big hole with back to back penalties in the first period. The Bruins would make it count after Marchand fired off a beautiful one timer that came courtesy of teammate David Pastrnak, but it was not much longer before Marchand would land his team in some trouble. 

When Marchand is on he does tend to be on in all aspects of his game and that often includes pushing the boundaries of the rules, or breaking them outright. This time it was the latter when Marchand would earn himself a minor penalty on a rather unflattering looking play during the game's second period. Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo was deep in his own zone with the puck and managed to move it forward when suddenly he was dropped from behind by Marchand. It was not the result of a big hit however, but rather the result of a rather dangerous looking leg sweep that cause Pietrangelo to land awkwardly on the ice. 

Unfortunately for Marchand and his Boston Bruins it would catch the eye of the NHL officials, who have been quick to pull out their whistles in this game, and he would earn himself a 2 minute minor. Pietrangelo had trouble getting back to the Blues bench following the dangerous looking trip from Marchand, skating very slowly up the ice while hunched over, but he would remain in the game and does seem to be ok. 

Fortunatelty for Marchand the Blues were not able to capitalize on this one.