Marcus Foligno destroys rookie Joel Farabee for daring to challenge him.

Farabee went after the wrong guy.

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I have to give Philadelphia Flyers rookie Joel Farabee for having the courage to stand up for one of his fellow teammates, but that is where my praise of him in this situation will end. 

On Saturday night the Flyers faced off against the Minnesota Wild and unfortunately for the Flyers it turned out to be a fairly unpleasant outing. The Flyers were handled by the Wild with relative ease, the Wild eventual triumphed by a score of 4 - 1, but the highlight of the night when it was all said and done was not related to the scoreboard. You see in the game's second period, the dying seconds of that period in fact, Flyers rookie Joel Farabee took exception to the actions of Minnesota Wild veteran forward Marcus Foligno.

Flyers veteran defenseman Matt Niskanen was attempting to make a play on the puck along the boards when Foligno just plowed right through him right in front of the Philadelphia Flyers bench. The players on the Flyers bench clearly took exception to the play as half of them rose to their feet and immediately began to protest, and it seems Farabee did as well. The Flyers rookie immediately delivered a hit of his own to Foligno in response and he must have said something to him while delivering it because when Foligno got up he was hot. The Wild veteran was very much ready to go and it did not take much prompting to get Farabee to drop the gloves, this in spite of the fact that there was now a National Hockey League official standing between the two men. 

Farabee however picked on the wrong customer. Foligno is a tough customer and one who has been through the rigors of the National Hockey League for many seasons now, and it showed rather quickly. This was not really much of a fight between the two men and instead turned into a one sided pummeling on the part of Foligno, one that left Farabee looking completely outmatched. The Wild forward hammered the Flyers rookie with blow after blow and even appeared to show some mercy when he realized that his opponent had nothing to offer in response.