Mike Fisher & Carrie Underwood sing to their child and produce drastically different results.

That's gotta hurt your ego.

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I hope former Nashville Predators captain Mike Fisher was not hoping to follow in his wife's footsteps and become a recording artist. 

Fisher's wife of course is country music star Carrie Underwood and as you would expect from a recording artist of her stature, she can sing pretty well. For all we knew though it was possible that Fisher had some hidden talent as a singer, but on Sunday Underwood dispelled any notion of that when she posted a rather amusing video on Instagram.

In the video we see the couple's beautiful baby laying down seemingly quite content, when all of a sudden daddy starts to sing to the poor little baby. The change on the child's face can only be described as drastic, the infant goes from looking happy to crying in a matter of just a few seconds. Then all of a sudden another voice comes into the picture, this time quite different from daddy's voice. That voice of course belongs to Carrie Underwood, aka mommy, and the look on the child's face turns from pure sadness to one of pure joy. 

No doubt both parents got a kick out of this but it still has to sting a little for Fisher knowing that his own flesh and blood is likely his harshest critic.