Must see: Panik's go-ahead PPG from Kane

Is it what you call chemistry?

Must see: Panik's go-ahead PPG from Kane

Panik's go-ahead PPG from Kane

Patrick Kane stickhandles behind the net and finds Richard Panik, who roofs a one-timer on the power play to give the Blackhawks a late lead.

"I think we've got confidence in our team game now, especially over the last month, month and a bit, the way we've progressed as a team, all four lines, all the six defensemen, both goaltenders," Keith said. "We just want to keep getting better. One thing we know in this group is never to get too high or too low. We're still a ways away from playoffs. We could win every game for the rest of the year up until playoffs, and it doesn't really matter. We like the way we've been playing and progressing here especially the last month or so."