Nate Schmidt makes an unbelievable circus catch over the fence.

What a catch!


Last night the Las Vegas Golden Knights participated in the Battle for Vegas, a charity baseball game that often involves professional athletes from Las Vegas professional sports teams in order to raise money for a good cause, in this case developmental disorders.

Wouldn't you know it though but it was actually an athlete that doesn't play for any of Las Vegas' franchises that stole the entire show, and that athlete was none other than the National Hockey League's own Nate Schmidt. Schmidt was of course a former member of the Las Vegas Golden Knights but has since been traded to the Vancouver Canucks, but in spite of that he still participated in the Battle for Vegas and boy oh boy did he ever make his presence known.

Schmidt had the highlight of the entire event when he put his body on the line to make an absolutely insane catch over the fence to steal what otherwise would have been a surefire homerun. Schmidt not only tracked the ball all the way to the fence, but he then proceeded to hop over the fence and flip completely upside down on his way to making a circus catch to secure the out for his team. You can tell by the reactions from the announcer, the crowd, and most of all his own teammates that this was one hell of a play.

Crazy stuff.

As if that wasn't enough on its own though Schmidt had also stolen the show earlier in the event when he had captured the homerun derby title, once again securing a huge win for his team at the event despite no longer even playing for the Golden Knights. 

No doubt that little fact did nothing to dampen the spirits of Team Rielly, led by former Golden Knights teammate Reilly Smith, who were happy to take the Ws over Team Marcus, led by Marcus Allen of the Oakland Raiders, all in the name of charity of course. At the end of the day the real winners are us the fans who get to witness cool events like this, and of course the charities who will benefit as a result of this event as well.