Videos : Nelson gets dropped with one punch and then gets tea bagged by the ref!
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Nelson gets dropped with one punch and then gets tea bagged by the ref!

That is humiliating.

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This is one he's probably going to be hearing about for quite a while... unfortunately.

On Saturday night the Buffalo Sabres faced off against the Carolina Hurricanes in what should have been a relatively uneventful affair given just how terrible the Sabres have been down the stretch. The Sabres did not disappoint putting together another uninspired effort that saw them lose by an eventual score of 4 - 2, although that does mean they scored 2 more goals last night than they had in their 3 previous games combined. 

It has been an embarrassing stretch to close out the season for the Buffalo Sabres organization but perhaps no one was subjected to more embarrassment on the night than 26 year old journeyman defenseman Casey Nelson. The Sabres blue liner lost the game just like the rest of his teammates did, but he suffered an additional defeat at the hands of Carolina Hurricanes veteran Micheal Ferland

Nelson and Ferland dropped the gloves during the game and it was a totally one sided beat down on the part of Ferland who did not even need to break a sweat while dispatching the Sabres defenseman. In fact Ferland needed just one punch to drop Nelson to the ice where he would remain, offering up no real resistance to the domination from Ferland. Now that in and of itself would be slightly embarrassing, even though anyone can get clipped by a good punch, but what happened next is when the utter humiliation really stepped in.

Even though Nelson had been dropped to the ice by the punch Ferland maintained a firm grasp on his jersey, likely in an effort to prevent Nelson from cracking his head open on the ice as he fell. The classy gesture from Ferland however had some very bad  and very unintended consequences when one of the National Hockey League's officials decided to step in and "save" Nelson from any further punishment. 

Ferland's grip effectively held Nelson up as the referee stood between the two men, and with the referee trying to separate them it had the added effect of forcing Ferland to pull Nelson with him as the ref pushed them apart. As a result Nelson's face went face first into the officials nether region, and stayed buried there for far too long as well.

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