Nick Cousins gets Kronwalled on Tuesday night.

Young forward gets Kronwalled.

Nick Cousins gets Kronwalled on Tuesday night.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall has built a reputation for "Kronwalling" opposition forwards who don't pay enough attention to his position on the ice, and on Tuesday night one young National Hockey League forward was introduced to that the hard way. 

24-year-old Arizona Coyotes center Nick Cousins was leveled along the boards in the very first period of the game when Kronwall caught him skating with his head down in the neutral zone. 

In typical Kronwall fashion the Red Wings defender turned his back and drove his entire body into Cousins sending him sprawling through the air before he landed on all fours on the ice. 

To Cousins' credit he actually jumped back into the play after what looked like a painful impact from Kronwall.