Oliver Ekman Larsson nearly decapitates LeBlanc with a huge elbow.

Suspension incoming?

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It looks like one of the National Hockey League's young stars may have landed himself in a little hot water. 

On Sunday night the Arizona Coyotes were facing off against the San Jose Sharks and during the game Arizona Coyotes star defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson took some pretty ugly liberties with the health of an opposing player. Larsson delivered a rather vicious looking elbow to the head of San Jose Sharks Kevin Labanc, who appeared to be a totally unsuspecting victim on the play.

The elbow from Ekman-Larsson comes fresh of the heels of a big time suspension to San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson so you just know that the Sharks are going to be lobbying the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety quite hard to issue a suspension to the Coyotes star defenseman on this play. If I'm being perfectly honest here I think the Sharks have a really good case and I do believe that this infraction rises to the level of supplemental discipline.

As you can see in the short clip below, there is very little question where the primary point of contact on this hit is. Labanc takes the blow directly to his head in spite of the fact that his head appears to be out of the way for Ekman-Larsson on the play. The reason his head is targeted is that Larsson appears to launch himself up and into the air to make the hit and, even worse, get his elbow way out there as he makes contact with Labanc's head on this rather dangerous hit.