Ovechkin appears in a hilarious new commercial

Could he be eyeing a new career after Hockey?

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Alex Ovechkin is without a doubt one of the best players of his generation and one of the greatest to ever play the game of Hockey. Although he is mostly known for putting pucks in past goaltenders, he is also recognized as a guy with a great sense of humour.

Some will remember the iconic CCM commercial in which a teenager opens his school locker to find Ovechkin's head waiting for him on the top shelf and laughing, or the Sportsnet commercial where he pretends to be a Russian spy. Surely, fans will have very fond memories of Ovechkin's celebrations after winning the Stanley Cup.

The Great Eight is a man who is very serious and competitive on the ice but likes to keep it light in his everyday life. Ovechkin is up to his antics once again in a brand new Papa John's commercial. He certainly does seem to love scaring people. In this one, he pops up in the back of a car driven by a couple in a Papa John's uniform, tooth missing and holding a pizza. The sight alone is enough to make you crack up.

Ovechkin is starting to have a knack for delivering pizzas. A few years ago, he delivered some pizza to unsuspecting D.C. residents and the results were funny and touching. One woman didn't even know who he was, while at another house, Ovy surprised a few young capitals fans who were very happy to meet their idol.

Ovechkin sure does know how to make us laugh. May he be eyeing a career in front of the camera after retiring from Hockey? We shall wait and see but it certainly would be quite entertaining.