P.K. Subban punches Crosby in the head, but the Penguins make him pay!

This game is getting nasty!


There is a very different feel to Game 2, it seems like after just one game these two organizations have developed a deep hatred of one another. 

Things were extremely physical in the first period and the star players on both sides of the ice were not exempt from that physicality, in fact quite the contrary. 

Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban was taking some liberties early in the first period, notably delivering two solid punches to the back of the head of Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby, but those punches may have cost him.

Shortly after delivering those punches however the Penguins went right after Subban, with Penguins forward Chris Kunitz delivering a nasty crosscheck right to the back of Subban's neck.

While it was certainly an ugly shot from Kunitz, given how both teams have been playing in this game it seems like all anything goes at this point. 

First here are the punches to Crosby:

And here is the crosscheck on Subban: