Panthers fan leans in for a kiss but gets completely shutdown as the cameras roll.

This poor guy.


The Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning faced off in what was an incredible hockey game on Sunday night and, of course, the cameras were rolling the whole time. Everyone at home who tuned in to this fantastic game is happy that they were, but there may be at least one Florida Panthers' fan who would have prefered that they weren't.

During the game's third period as the National Hockey League's officials were busy handing out a few of the many penalties that were awarded throughout this game, the cameras caught a man leaning in for a kiss from what appeared to be his partner as they were featured on the jumbotron. 

This wasn't some kind of kiss cam or anything like that. It appears as though the gentleman caught on video was merely trying to display affection to the lady he was with, but unfortunately for him she was having none of it. In spite of the fact that she had been leaning on the man's shoulder, showing affection in her own right, just moments prior it appears as though the woman became startled upon seeing that the camera was on her and immediately moved away from the man instead of accepting the kiss.

I rolled back the tape on this one a few times and given the fact that she seemed very much into him just a few seconds before his attempted kiss, this one definitely came off as a little bit strange to me. Things really got awkward though after a second attempt at planting his kiss failed miserably, resulting in him instead resting his head on the woman's shoulder in a rather cringe inducing moment if I've ever seen one. 

Perhaps they are a couple, perhaps they are father and daughter, but given that I don't know the dynamic of their relationship I won't judge either of them too harshly for what went on here. 

Thankfully one fan sitting at home was quick enough to capture this one on video, although I must admit that I do feel more than a little bad for the poor guy who was so soundly rejected with the cameras rolling.