Paul Byron busted open after losing his helmet.

That could not have felt good.


The Montreal Canadiens aren't going to be happy about this one regardless of how well this game has been going for them thus far.

On Sunday night The Habs and Winnipeg Jets faced off for Game 3 of their second round series in the Stanley Cup Finals and it was during the second period of that game that the National Hockey League's officials missed what should have been a pretty blatant call.

The victim of this one was Canadiens forward Paul Byron who had his helmet knocked off after being bumped by Winnipeg Jets forward Nikolaj Ehlers, but the real problem came after the helmet was dislodged from his head. Although I don't believe there was any ill intent on the part of Ehlers here, after the contact between the two men the stick of Ehlers came crashing down on the exposed head of Byron. The impact of the stick on Byron's head was enough to leave him busted open and forced him to immediately retreat to the bench, and unfortunately for the Canadiens there was no call on the play.

The fact that this went uncalled would have been bad enough, but on the very same sequence the Jets were able to capitalize and get back into the game by scoring their first goal of the contest. Considering this came quite late in the period it could end up completely shifting the momentum in Game 3, as it proved to send the Jets into the locker room down 3 - 1 rather than down 3 - 0. 

Here's the replay: