Pavel Datsyuk dazzles again with a ridiculous game tying goal.

What a move and what a shot!

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The Magic Man still has a few tricks up his sleeves.

The former Red Wings star forward has only played in four games since his abrupt and surprising departure from the National Hockey League but it really does look like Pavel Datsyuk has really found his happy place playing in the KHL.  After moving back home to be close to his young daughter Datsyuk has been on a tear and it continued in the KHL on Tuesday when Datsyuk stunned everyone in the building with a beautiful game-tying goal.

Datsyuk beat two AK Bars Kazan defenders as well as the goaltender and to make it that much sweeter he did it with his team down a goal and only four seconds remaining on the game clock. The goal provoked such a reaction that the team's coaches can actually be seen embracing one other.

While I like many others would like to still be seeing Datsyuk play in the NHL it's just as hard not to feel happy for the man especially when you can witness how much he is enjoying himself on the ice.