Pavelski juggles his own rebound in midair, TWICE, to score in Game 1.

What a goal!

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This has already been a very exciting game through 20 minutes of play.

It is Game 1 of the Western Conference Final between the San Jose Sharks and the St. Louis Blues on SAturday night and both of the teams clearly showed up to play tonight with things getting very physical indeed in the early moments of the game. Both teams have find the back of the net in this one but there is no question that the highlight of the 1st period belongs to the San Jose Sharks. 

Specifically the highlight of the 1st belongs to San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski who managed to give his team the lead before the 1st intermission with an incredible individual effort. St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington has been near impossible to beat all season long and you knew that he would prove to be a tough test for the Sharks in this series as well, and that he was. In fact Binnington stoned Pavelski on his initial shot, however the Sharks captain would use incredible hand eye coordination to find the back of the net.

After the initial save from Binnington the puck began to sail and flip through the air on the rebound, but Pavelski obviously never lost sight of it. In something that more closely resembled a juggling act or a game of hacky sack Pavelski proceeded to bounce the puck on his stick 2 different times, in mid air, before burying in the back of the net behind Binnington. 

A terrific goal.