Player scores an unbelievable goal from his own blueline.


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Once in a while you see a goal that can't be duplicated. This is one of those incredible goals.

Kazakhstan's Roman Savchenko scored an unlikely goal from his own end of the ice Saturday, on a booming slap-shot from his own zone.

With his team killing a penalty, the 27-year-old hammered the puck from over 100 feet away from the opposing goal, catching the Switzerland netminder - Colorado Avalanche's Reto Berra - by surprise. The shot was extremely precise and not many can hold Berra accountable for the miscue.

The goal would knot things up at 1-1 as Kazakhstan would go on to defeat Switzerland 2-1 in a shooutout. It was a huge win for Kazakhstan as they managed an underdog victory on the back of this amazing marker.