Pospisil in agony after taking one of the most awful looking hits of the year.

This is hard to watch.


The Stockton Heat's Martin Pospisil was left writhing in pain on the ice and once you see the slow motion replay you're going to have no trouble understanding why. 

On Saturday Pospisil and the Heat were facing off against the Laval Rocket and it was only a few minutes into the game when disaster struck. Pospisil was on the receiving end of a brutal and dangerous hit from the Rocket's Yannick Veilleux, one that Veilleux is no doubt going to have to answer for in more ways than one. 

The official call on the ice was kneeing which earned Veilleux 5 minutes and a game misconduct, and there is absolutely no doubt that this was a knee on knee hit. I don't like being too critical of players but this hit from Veilleux is the kind that can easily end a player's career and when you look at what this did to Pospisil's leg I do think there will be further consequences beyond his misconduct today.

I'd like to warn our readers, if you have a weak stomach or are feint of heart, you may not want to watch this one all the way to the end because the slow motion replay is truly horrible.

Unfortunately we have no update to provide you on Martin Pospisil at this time other than to say that he did not make it out for the second period of the game, which comes as no surprise given just how awful this one looked.