Potentially dangerous moment for Penguins star defenseman

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Kris Letang has had his share of injuries and tonight, he might have just missed another potential injury.

During the first period of the Penguins game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Kris Letang was quickly going off for a change when the door opened on him while he was trying to quickly jump of the boards where the door is.

Multiple trainers and even Marc-Andre Fleury had a good chuckle but when you see Letang finally get up after the fall, he didn't look like he thought is was very funny. In the end he was ok and it looked kind of funny, but anyone who has played the game knows how important it is to make sure the doors are closed properly or else they can be dangerous. The speed Letang had made it dangerous enough that if he fell the wrong way or if the door didn't open like it did, he could have possibly been injured. Losing your top defenseman for that reason would definitely not have sat well with the Penguins brass.

Good news is he is ok, so we can all giggle a little bit on his behalf.