Predators hold a press conference to announce the addition of a very special young man.

Heart warming moment.

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You do not need to be a fan of the Nashville Predators to love this.

On Monday the Nashville Predators held an impromptu press conference to announce their latest signing, a young man by the name of Asher Collier. This was no normal signing as far as the National Hockey League is concerned because Asher is just 3 years old and unfortunately this was set up in part with the help of the Make A Wish Foundation. Obviously the fact that this was put together is a great thing indeed, it's just sad when you realize that little Asher, who seems like such a lovely kid, is actually very ill.

The Make A Wish Foundation team up with the Nashville Predators own foundation to put this together and they signed Asher to what they are calling a two-day priceless contract. No doubt the Predators intend to give Asher the best treatment imaginable while they have him in attendance and it sounds like they've got some fun stuff planned for him as well. 

It always makes me so proud to be a hockey fan when I see moments like this and hopefully it can brighten up your day a little as well.