Provorov crushes Barzal with a huge open ice hit.


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It's the kind of hit that we have all seen so many times before and it's the kind of hit that I personally will never get tired of seeing, it's the kind that brings fans and casual observers alike out of their seats when they watch it live.

The Philadelphia Flyers are facing off against the New York Islanders on Saturday afternoon and although the Islanders have already secured themselves a commanding lead after two periods of play, the highlight of the night almost unquestionably belongs to Philadelphia. During the final minutes of the game's opening period Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov dropped the hammer down on New York Islanders star forward Matthew Barzal, due largely to the fact that Barzal wasn't watching where he was going. 

It's the story of a player getting caught staring at the puck down on the ice while the danger is rapidly moving towards him, although to be fair to Barzal here this one wasn't entirely his fault. You see the hit to Barzal was largely set up by another New York Islanders forward, Jordan Eberle, thanks to a suicide pass that he fed to Barzal right in front of the Flyers' blue line. Barzal was watching the pass and eventually end up corralling it on his stick after fighting the puck in his skates a little, but it was already too late and Provorov had already lined him up. 

Provorov had Barzal dead to rights and last season's Calder Trophy winner was crushed by a devastating hit in the open ice, a hit that quickly led to a scrum between the two sides as the Islanders' were not the least bit happy about how it all went down. To his credit Barzal was able to quickly regain his feet but he could also be seen trying to catch his breath in front of the Islanders bench after it was all said and done. 

A great highlight for the Flyers and Provorov to be sure, but a hit that Barzal will probably want to chat with Eberle about after the game.