Quick loses his cool and breaks Wood's stick with one hand.

Quick was not happy.


Los Angeles Kings star goaltender Jonathan Quick has been in the National Hockey League for a very long time now and his personality is not one that would leave you to believe that he is the kind of man to take any crap from some of the league's younger players. 

On Friday night during a match up between Quick's Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils the veteran goalie lost his composure when he was aggressively poked by 23 year old New Jersey Devils forward Miles Wood. It was a relatively harmless incident overall but it was one in which it was clear that Quick was not the least bit happy about the behavior from Woods, while on the other side of the coin it was an incident that the Devil's and their fans will likely appreciate as it showed some serious tenacity from Woods.

The game was less than 6 minutes old and the score was still tied at 0 - 0 when the Devils found themselves with a golden opportunity to score in the game's opening period. The Devils were on the attack in the Kings' zone when Wood received a good pass in the slot and fired off a hard shot in Quick's direction. The shot itself was a great scoring chance but with Quick unable to control the rebound on the initial shot the Devils' got an extra 2 or possibly even 3 chances but where unable to find the back of the net. Quick made every save and eventually was able to find the puck and get it tucked under his body, but Wood wanted yet another opportunity to put the puck in the net.

It was at that moment that Quick began to aggressively poke under Quick's body with his stick in an effort to dislodge the puck from under the King's netminder, but he was unable to do so. In spite of that however Wood's appeared to continue poking after the whistle had gone, and that caused Quick to lose his cool and go after Wood. Unable to get a grip on Wood, Quick grabbed the next closest thing and yanked Wood's stick away from him before eventually smashing it against the net. Quick made the gesture with just one hand and snapped the stick like a piece of kindling in the process, showcasing just how frustrated he was with the whole situation. 

If I'm Miles Wood I might consider staying away from Jonathan Quick for a little while, at least until the chance to score comes up once again.