Referee Kyle Kowalski caught coaching Team Finland player on the ice!

A little hockey advice that goes a long way.


We’re heading into the third period of the bronze medal game at the World Junior Championship between Team Finland and Team Russia and the score is tied at 1-1. This is one competitive game, however, referee Kyle Kowalski wanted more from one player. 

As he called icing on the play, Kowalski was unhappy to see that one of the players from Team Finland had stopped skating to retrieve the puck on time. As he blew the whistle, the camera stayed long enough on the official to hear him give a great coaching advice to the player. We believe that player is Anton Lundell, the captain of the Finnish club. 

“Hey, no, no, no! You quit on the play! You usually push and you quit, move your feet!”

Kowalski has had great advices for the kids from the start of the tournament. Even in this very game, he kicked things off with positive vibes and reminded the players to work hard. 

We love the advice from Kowalski and can only imagine players will follow it in the third period of this important game, and in every other game of their young careers.