Sammy Blais appears to catch David Backes up high early in Game 3.

No call on the play.

Sammy Blais appears to catch David Backes up high early in Game 3.

You just know the Boston Bruins are not going to be happy about this hit and you can hardly blame them given what has transpired in this series so far.

The Bruins have already lost one player to a high hit in this series and on Saturday night they once again saw one of their players take a questionable hit in the early moments of Game 3 in the Stanley Cup Final. This time around it was St. Louis Blues forward Sammy Blais who was delivering the punishment and although the initial contact seemed good it was clear that Blais got his hands up a little too high. To make matters worse for the Boston Bruins it was veteran forward David Backes who was on the receiving end of the hit. 

Backes of course has a history of concussions in the National Hockey League and he could be seen clutching at his head as he went down and as he stayed down on the ice, however it appears that the concussion spotters did not pull him from the game following the hit. The good news for the Bruins is that Backes was able to remain in the game following the hit, this in spite of the fact that it was quite the impact that was delivered by Blais. The hit was made all that much worse by the fact that Backes had actually just missed the puck prior to getting leveled by Blais and as a result had very little time to brace himself for the inevitable impact from Blais.

When you consider the fact that Matt Grzelcyk was injured by a dangerous hit in Game 2 and the fact that there was no call on this play, I would expect that the Bruins will quietly petition the NHL to review this hit. That being said I do not think that this hit would normally rise to the level of supplemental discipline from the National Hockey League's Department of Player Safety, especially not if we are talking about a playoff game. That being said I certainly can see an argument that would suggest Blais should have received a minor for a hit to the head.