Scott Sabourin continues to make his mark, pummels Max Domi in preseason scrap.

Sabourin making a name for himself.


Long gone are the days of the true National Hockey League enforcer, a player that is only on the roster for the purpose of fighting or doling out punishment to opponents, but having a gritty player that is willing to scrap is still often an asset in the NHL.

It seems the Ottawa Senators have learned this lesson over the summer with their decision to offer an NHL contract to career American Hockey League player Scott Sabourin. Sabourin had never before cracked an NHL roster, noteworthy for a 27 year old player that was never drafted, but in spite of the odds he has made the team in training camp and is already starting to make quite a name for himself.

The gritty forward made himself known during the Battle of Ontario earlier this week when he clearly got on the skin of a number of players on the Toronto Maple Leafs roster. In fact Sabourin made major headlines over an incident with Maple Leafs' star forward Auston Matthews, after the latter tried to act like he did not know who he was. Sabourin was all over the Leafs in that game and it seems like that may be the norm for Sabourin during the 2019 - 2020 NHL regular season.

That's because on Saturday night with his Ottawa Senators taking on the Montreal Canadiens, Sabourin was at it again. The Senators forward was laying the body during the game and after one particular hit on Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi things got truly heated. Domi took exception to the hit and went after Sabourin, but the gritty Senators forward was having none of it and as soon as Domi got in his face the gloves came off. To be fair to Domi he barely had time to react as Sabourin began to lay into him with heavy blows, blows that went completely unanswered as Domi never even managed to get his gloves off. 

What ensued was a completely one-sided scrap in the favor of Sabourin, one that will likely stick in the mind of the Habs and their fans for quite some time. Making a mark against your team's two biggest rivals is certainly one way to get noticed.