Scuffle in front of the net leads to a bench clearing brawl in the LNAH.

A wild brawl erupts in the LNAH.

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This has got to be the wildest moment of the month in the world of hockey. 

I have just stumbled across a video from the LNAH which stands for the Ligue Nord Americaine de Hockey, a professional league based out of the Canadian province of Quebec, and in it we see all hell break loose after what should have been a brief scuffle in front of the net. The incident takes place during a game disputed between the Eperviers from Sorel-Tracy and the Marquis from Jonquiere and suffice to say it is absolutely crazy. 

The whole thing starts when a player from the Eperviers gets way out of hand after failing to capitalize on a scoring chance. After the initial saved is made by the Marquis goaltender the player who fired the puck on goal decides to take liberties with that very same goaltender and as you would expect his teammates immediately rush to his defense. The problem is that this then causes more and more players to join the fray and eventually things get so out of hand that the benches from both teams begin to pour out onto the ice. 

The officials on the ice do their best to get the entire thing under control but unfortunately for the officiating crew they are badly outnumbered by the sheer number of bodies that end up on the playing surface during this wild brawl. The whole affair goes on for over 4 minutes and the entire time the members of the audience can be heard screaming obscenities or loudly booing players of the opposing faction. 

No doubt there will be a large number of suspensions stemming from this event, although I would be lying if I said that this kind of behavior is atypical of the LNAH. That is not to say that brawls of this nature are commonplace, they certainly are not, but the LNAH does tend to be a league where dropping the gloves is a very common occurrence and almost expected in many of the games. Thankfully based on the video it seems like no one was too badly injured during what could have been a pretty ugly situation for many of the players involved.