Seabrook hits both posts as he tries to tie the game in the final minutes of Game 7.

Game 7, two posts, it doesn't get any closer.

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Fans in Chicago won't be happy with the fact that their Blackhawks have been bounced in the first round, although the three Cups from this squad might do a little bit to soften the blow, but despite being eliminated they came about as close as you can get.

The Blackhawks found themselves down a goal with just a few minutes left on the game clock and they went all out in an attempt to force overtime, and nearly did so with this shot from Brent Seabrook.

With the Blackhawks' playoff hopes on the line Seabrook fired a point shot that completely fooled Blues' goaltender Brian Elliott, but unfortunately for Chicago the hockey gods were smiling on St. Louis on this day, and the puck took a miracle bounce off both posts, dancing on the goal line but never going in.

It doesn't get any closer than this.