Soshnikov scores his first career goal and he is pumped!

He was very excited.

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The Toronto Maples Leafs haven't had a great deal of highlights this season, but this was a pretty awesome moment for both the team and their fan base.

Twenty-two year old rookie Nikita Soshnikov is benefiting from the fact that the Leafs have shipped out a great deal of their former players, fully committing to the rebuild, and as a result he is playing in the NHL instead of with the American hockey League's Marlies.

Soshnikov has made the best of his new-found opportunity, and on Wednesday night he recorded his first career NHL goal in style, ringing it off steel to announce to the entire arena that he had just knocked one into the back of the net.

The best part however was not the goal, it was how he reacted to it, with a very audible yell, demonstrating how much it meant to him.