Survivors from Humboldt Broncos tragedy have a special gift for Ben Stelter and his family

This is what it's all about! Hockey bringing people together!


Six year old brain cancer patient and Edmonton Oilers superfan Ben Stelter just continues to inspire people wherever he goes and whatever he does. Personally, I'm inspired by his tenacity and perseverance and I'm nothing more than a middle aged hockey blogger. So when I see people out there who have gone through REAL tragedy inspired by Stelter's story it's tough not to get emotional.

Check out Stelter meeting five survivors from the Humboldt Broncos tragedy earlier tonight prior to Game 4 of the Western Conference Final:

How great is that? Forget which team you cheer for, forget about blown calls by the officials, forget about all of that... hockey at its core is meant to bring people together to bond over a game that we all love. Kudos to the Broncos boys for doing exactly that with Stelter.