Switzerland awarded 2 penalty shots on a single play at World Juniors and they fail miserably.

What a shocking turn of events.

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Well this is certainly one of the most unique plays I have ever seen at any level of hockey.

On Sunday night we were witnesses to a very interesting happening during the World Junior Championship tournament. It took place during the match up contested between Switzerland and Russia and it turned out about exactly the opposite of how you would have expected which made the already crazy sequence all the more crazy.

It all took place during the final 3 minutes of the game's second period when a Swiss player was gifted a golden opportunity that resulted in what was a clear breakaway. Looking to prevent a sure goal the Russian defenseman who was also clearly beaten on the play decided to throw out a rather blatant trip, which was only successful enough to knock the Swiss player down to the ice. The Swiss player was however able to immediately regain his feet and that led to him being tripped a second time, and the official on the ice was astute enough to catch both trips and called a penalty on both of them.

The result of all of this was that team Switzerland were awarded with not one but two penalty shots as per the rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) the organizing body that oversees the World Juniors. Now to be clear about the rules if a goal had been scored on the first penalty shot Russia would have instead been awarded a 2 minute minor penalty for the 2nd infraction, but they did not have to worry about that. 

Not only did Switzerland fail to score on the first penalty shot but they would go on to fail on the second shot as well, the start of what was a terrible collapse from the Swiss late in the 3rd period. Following those penalty shots the Russians were assessed a 5 minute major but not only did the Swiss fail to capitalize on that power play as well but they also gave up a short handed goal in the process as well.

Russian would rattle off 4 goals in the 3rd period and close out the game 7 - 4 in large part to a horrible collapse from the Swiss. What a moment.