T.J. Oshie makes a mockery of himself with a brutal dive.

A brutal acting job from T.J. Oshie.


It looks like Washington Capitals forward T.J. Oshie forget he was playing in the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup Playoffs on Saturday, and instead mistakenly thought he was playing a game of soccer.

In a truly shameful display Oshie delivered one of the most blatant, and most brutal dives we have seen in this post season, completely faking a high sticking call when in reality the stick came nowhere near his face.

To make matters worse, the officials on the ice didn't make the call, it was the linesman who talked them into calling a penalty on Pittsburgh's Nick Bonino who was understandably upset with the call

Unfortunately the NHL can only fine Oshie under their rules, but this kind of behavior in the playoffs should cost players game time.