Thomas Greiss finally snaps after another ugly loss for the Red Wings.

A brutal season for the proud netminder.


It has been a brutal season for veteran netminder Thomas Greiss and on Sunday night he finally let it show. 

The Detroit Red Wings faced off against the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday and the game can only be described as a one sided beatdown on the part of the Blackhawks. Not only were the wings embarrassed by a scoreline of 7 - 2, but the Blackhawks unintentionally rubbed salt in the wound when they celebrated goal #400 in the career of Blackhawks star forward Patrick Kane.

That was far from the end of it however as the Blackhawks continued to power it on until the very end, and unfortunately it was Greiss who was on the receiving end of that offensive onslaught. Greiss, who has had a horrible season with just 1 win over his 14 games played, finally let his frustration show when Alex DeBrincat went off the post and in for the Blackhawks fifth goal of the game.

There's no question this has been a tough transition for Greiss who went from playing on a pretty good New York Islanders team that was contending in the playoffs to what is arguably the worst team in the National Hockey League. Greiss' individual numbers have declined significantly as well, with him posting a 2.74 goals against average and a .913 save percentage with the Islanders and seeing that fall to a 3.46 goals against average and a .882 save percentage with the Red Wings.

It is difficult to tell how much of this is a result of Greiss' own performance and how much stems from the fact that he now has a relatively bad team in front of him. No doubt Greiss knows this and I'm sure he is concerned about how it could impact his prospects in the league moving forward.