Toffoli slams his stick in the penalty box, gets a breakaway and gets crushed by karma.

That is some karma right there.

Toffoli slams his stick in the penalty box, gets a breakaway and gets crushed by karma.

You have to feel at least a little bad for Los Angeles Kings' forward Tyler Toffoli on this one, especially when you factor in just how many times this play is going to be shown on various highlight reels over the next 24 hours or so. 

On Saturday night the Los Angeles Kings were facing off against the Chicago Blackhawks and although the Kings did manage to skate away from this one with one of their few wins this season, Toffoli is going to be steaming after this game. That's because Toffoli was the victim of what was a fairly questionable call from the National Hockey League officials overseeing the game in the dying minute of the game's second period. That call would lead to what will likely go down as one of the more unfortunate moments of Toffoli's career, or at the very least one of the most comical.

The veteran forward was whistled down for a holding call that honestly looked like it could have gone the other way, although admittedly that is with the benefit of a replay that the NHL officials did not have in real time, and as you would imagine someone to be in that situation, Toffoli was irate about things. The Kings forward let his frustration get the best of him however and as he sat down in the penalty box he began to throw a tantrum, smashing his stick against the glass in frustration at the call. In defense of Toffoli here it does look like he had seen the same replay I referenced just before prior to smashing his stick, and if that is indeed the case I totally get why he was so damn mad. 

That being said though his anger would cost him dearly and no doubt there is going to be a lesson in this for Toffoli moving forward. That's because as soon as he was out of the box Toffoli was the benefit of a long pass that sent him off on a breakaway. Toffoli though knew he was done from the minute the puck touched his stick, or perhaps even before that, because he had broken his stick in the penalty box during his fit of rage. As a result Toffoli was unable to even get the shot off, in spite of being entirely alone with the goalie, something that likely only added to his frustration.