Torey Krug gets drilled from behind, goes head first into the boards.

An ugly hit on Wednesday night.

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This is the kind of play that could one day result in a player being seriously injured, or possibly even worse. 

On Wednesday night the Boston Bruins dominated a frustrated Tampa Bay Lightning team through the first two periods of play, and  it was in the second period that things started to get ugly. 

Perhaps the moment that ignited the bad blood between the two sides was this ugly hit from Tampa's Cedric Paquette, a hit that sent Boston's Torey Krug head first into the boards. 

Paquette had plenty of time to see Krug's numbers, and despite that he delivered a hard hit to the back of the Bruins' defenseman. Thankfully Krug bounced back up and didn't seem too shaken up, but this could have been much worse.

Krug responded just moments later with Boston's third goal of the night.