USHL game turns into pure chaos as wild brawl erupts on the ice.

Crazy stuff in the USHL.


We have an absolutely wild video to share with you today and this one comes from the United States Hockey League.

A game between the Fargo Force and the Sioux City Musketeers degenerated into pure chaos on Friday when the two teams decided that they had enough of one another, resulting in a huge brawl between the two sides. 

The officials on the ice had no hope of getting this one under control given the sheer number of players that were involved in this one, with even one of the goaltenders getting involved and getting physical with the opposition.

To be clear I am by no means disparaging the officials who did a fantastic job of trying to get this one under control all things considered, but there were simply to many players involved which resulted in more than a few of those players taking some pretty heavy shots. Unlike in the National Hockey League where you will often see things calm down after the initial exchange, players continued to pound on one another even after their opponents had fallen to the ice. This of course resulted n quite a few dangerous situations including one involving the goaltender who made the decision to get involved in the brawl.

Here's the video"