Watch: Barrie scores after nice move!

Barrie is making sure his value stays high on the trade market!

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Barrie scores after nice move

Tyson Barrie skates in and fakes a shot, then snaps a quick wrister past Cam Ward to put the Avalanche on the scoreboard in the 1st period. Colorado won the game 2-1 and ended their five-game losing streak.

"He made a good little backhand to me and we had them 3-on-2," Barrie said. "I went to shoot it and I didn't see anything, so I thought I would throw a fake in there and try to get him to bite. Fortunately I had a lot of net."

"It's funny, sometimes you could be playing your first game of the week and feel like you have no legs at all, and then you play a little bit more and you think you should be tired, but you're not," Colorado coach Jared Bednar said. "I think that was the case for us tonight."